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Here are some products for sale which we have developed ....

Single Wiper

We have developed a kit to change the two wiper system on the MK1 to a single wiper. Our good friend MazdaMender has created a "How To" guide on fitting our kit. 


You can buy the kit on our webshop CLICK HERE


The How To guide can be found HERE

Upper and Lower Gear Gaiters

We have developed and manufactured replacement upper and lower gear gaiters or gear shift boots for the MX5.


They have been extensively tested and we have now sold more than 1000.


You can buy them on our website...

Rain Rail Washers

Our Rail Rail Washers are an innovative addition to the rail rain. The Rain Rail takes water from the lower edge of the soft-top and passes through the drains back to the road under the sill.


They tend to leak where they are bolted to the car. There are 13 bolts, each bolt can allow water into the car. The rear deck carpet is water proof so you'll never know you have a problem, until it's too late!


They are both in-expensive and simple to fit.

Cold Air Intake

The standard air intake system on any MX5 from 1989 to 2005, takes air from the hot side of the engine, the exhaust side.


When air is hot, it is less dense and contains less oxygen. The colder the air, the more oxygen it contains.


If there is more oxygen, you get an impriove fuel burn and more power.


The DoctorMX5 Cold Air Induction Kit was developed to reduce air intake temperatures, a particular problem in hillclimb and track cars.


Here's a picture:

The DoctorMX5 Cold Air Intake System is available by special order only - please contact us for more information.

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