Underseal Rust Prevention

Here at DoctorMX5 we inderstand how important your MX5 is to you!


MX5s suffer from rust in areas that cause MOT failures. The majority of failures are from sills or chassis rails which are with the "300mm (30cm) rule in the MOT.


Our Underseal Rust Prevention service is to save you money in the longer term and Keep Your 5 Alive!


We treat your car and protect the places that we know, through our knowledge and experience, are the most vulnerable.

Typically, MX5 Mk1, Mk2 and Mk2.5 suffers rust to the rear sill. rear wheel arch areas, chassis rails and lower parts of the front wings. With the value of MX5 and Eunos Roadsters starting to increase, particularly early cars, this underseal will give you and any future owner piece of mind.


Rust usually shows first on the rear outer sill or wheel arch. Those places you can see.


Mk3, Mk3.5 and Mk3.75 are starting to show these issues. Not as quickly as the MK2.5 did but they don't seem to have been as well treated at the factory!


To help prevent these issues, we offer an Underseal Rust Prevention Service.

Underseal Rust Prevention Service MK1, MK2 and MK2.5: £400.00 + VAT


Underseal Rust Prevention Service MK3, MK3.5 and MK3.75 : £550.00 + VAT

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We use Hammerite Under-body Seal Schutz or 3M Schutz, we have found these to be the best products for the MX5 and it's requirements.

Our experience of sorting rust issues after they have manifested, has lead us to our current protection procedure.


We know where the MX5 is most vulnerable, enabling us to treat the right places. Many companies offer these kind of services but they often concentrate on the wrong areas and can actually cause more problems. They cover everything, particularly the places you can see but miss out the places that need protection. Most of these are in places you can't see.


Often people believe, mistakenly, that you should fill the sills with rust proofer. If you do that the drains become blocked and water remains inside the sill to rust from the inside. Also, the sill cavities are very intricate and can't be adequately protected by injection methods.

The original Mazda rust treatment is body underseal that with age starts to crack and craze. That might not sound important but it leads to pockets forming which fill with water  and gradually allow the rust to get hold without the owner realising what's happening. We may remove some of this when treating your car to stop these pockets forming again.

Some parts of the MX5 can't be sprayed, they need to be hand painted to get the treatment in the right places.

The work takes between 5 and 7 hours. The car needs to be dry and as clean as possible when it arrives.

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