Driving the Mk4 2.0 and 1.5

Ww've now driven the 1.5 and 2.0 Skyactive engined MK4 MX5s.


Mazda talked alot about how this new MX5 Mk4 would be back to the design ideas and concepts behind the original Mk1. They did say that about the previous model too...


Well if you look at the stats and technical information - they have! Looking at the cars weights for example: Mk1 940kg / Mk4 1.5 950kg with driver - that's quite an acheivement with todays safety requirements. Lower weight will improve acceleration, braking and cornering. The car feels like an early Mk1.


There are nice little touches MK1 owners will recognise, like head-rest speakers!


The price is pretty good too. At launch here in the UK the MK1 was £14,249, that's over £28,500 in todays money. Making the base model 1.5 at £18,495 look great value. Even the top spec SportNav 2.0 is £23,295 plus options.


Be careful with colours though, we aren't convinced the red is a good choice..


2.0 Litre SportsNav


The 2.0 litre car we drove had the Safety Pack and the leather seat options. The Safety Pack has blind spot warnings and reverse sensors too. In todays traffic, these options aren't a bad idea...


Interior looks good, particularly with the optional leather seats (a £200 option, which is well worth that). It's got a nice positive ride too.


According to one of our friends here at DoctorMX5, the new MX5 feels just like his MK1 1.6! He'll be looking for one in a year or so.


The tyres are really quite thin so you'll have the traction control interferring if you drive it enthusiastically.


1.5 Litre Base Model


The base model 1.5 has less power but less weight too so it's very agile. It's not a revy as the MK1 1.6 engine but seems to have better torque so normal driving is fun.


The interior is well fitted and has a quality feel about it. Mazda have thought about what made the Mk1 MX5 great, updated it and put it straight into the 2015 Mk4. Some may find the inside a little tight but you can forgive this with it's great steering wheel and driving position.


Mazda have made the brakes more responsive, the feel is good and the car properly stops when you need to.


We could write a couple of pages more about what we think but the real question is:


Would we buy a Mk4? YES, no question about it.


Mazda have brought back the spirt of the original concept and updated it.


Thanks to Jamie at Magna Mazda, Southampton for lending us the car.

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