Mazda MX5 Mk4 Spotted

Picture courtesy of Magna Mazda

Why not come and see one?

We'll have one here on the 11th October!



As most of you will know the MK4 Mazda MX5 has finally been released in the UK.


On Friday evening, we were in Bishops Waltham and were pass by a Red Mk4.


We're not sure the pictures do it justice. Here at DoctorMX5 we are a bit split on the car.


Anyway, Mazda say you can buy it now for £18,495 and it's only available with a soft-top.


There are 1.5 and 2.0 versions available. We've got a few journalist friends who like the MX5 and they say, they'd rather have the 1.5 because it's more like the original Mk1 - fun, partical and a proper sports car. Both engines have a six speed gearbox too..


Mazda claim it weights in at 975Kg for the 1.5, that's almost the same as a Mk1.


The 1.5 (975kg) has 130 bhp, the 2.0 (1000kg) 158 bhp, making power to weight ratio about 134bhp/tonne and 158bhp/tonne, resepctively.

There are a few things that are throwbacks to the MK1:

  • Headrest Speakers on some models.
  • Only available as a soft top.
  • It's light.

If you believe those EU fuel consumption figures, it's pretty economical too!


The 1.5 gets to 60 is 8.3 secs, the 2.0 in 7.3 secs, but you have to pay £1,550 for that second.

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