Servicing and MOT

We offer comprehensive servicing options, from minor oil changes to major services.

Our Servicing Options are:


Annual Service: £150.00 inc VAT - includes replacing oil, oil and air filter, spark plugs (except Mk3 add £72 inc VAT) - due every 60k) and screen wash top-up. Lubricate window mechanisms, hinges and locks. Check on condition and advise on brakes, clutch. PAS, belts, battery, coolant, wipers, HT leads, tyres, and lights. Ask for your receive FREE corrosion report with this service.


Major Service (recommend bi-annually): £360.00 inc VAT (Mk3 £396) - includes Annual Service, Brake Service, Differential and Gear Oil Service, Electrical Ground Points and Alternator / Battery health check.


Brake Service: £78.00 inc VAT - includes check of condition of the brakes, pads and discs. Remove calipers, grease sliders and pads, replace fluid.


Differential and Gearbox Oil Service: £72.00 inc VAT - includes oils.


Power Steering Oil Service: £54.00 inc VAT - includes PAS fluid change.


Head Check: £54.00 inc VAT - check head for over-heat damage.


We can, of course, cater for any specific requirements you have.


Timing Belt and Water Pump Replacement (1989 to 2005 only):

£360.00 inc plus VAT includes water pump kit, timing belt, tensioner, idler and tension spring. Recommended every 60,000 miles or ten years.


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Prices subject to change


We offer MOTs too. We have a local MOT testing centre who understand how an MX5 should be MOT'd. Aren't all MOTs the say - yes. But there are things some stations forget. For example, not to put an MX5 with a Limited Slip Differential (LSD) on the brake testing rollers.


We do a pre-MOT check before the car is taken for MOT so small things are picked up before the tester sees the car.

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