Modifications and Hillclimb Preparation

Gusrton Down Class Champion 2016

We prepared the two cars Mark Crookall used to win the first Gurston Down MX5 Class Championship.


Mark also won the Tony Marsh Memorial Award for best improvement in a class record at the Tony Marsh Memorial weekend in June 2016.


His MK1 RS was replaced mid-saeson with a MK2 RS. Mark reduced the class record to 42.02s over the season, setting a new record at every event he entered.

Here is Mark, at the entry to Karousel in his Mk1 RS.


He changed mid-season to a Mk2 RS and brought the class record down to 41.01s and won the Tony Marsh Award for the best improvement in a class record at the Tony Marsh Memorial Meeting in June 2016.

We have prepared and maintain a number of hillclimb cars and track cars. We have a number of modifications that have been specifically designed for hillclimbs.


We offer a Cold Air Intake (it's in the picture below) and a 4.7 ratio differential as part of this specalist work.

The DoctorMX5 Cold Air Intake systems takes ambiant air from the mouth of car instead of the hot side next to the exhaust manifold. And the length of the air intake is reduced by about 70% increasing the engines ability to breath.

Exhaust Manifold Wrapping

A wrapped exhaust enhances exhaust gas flow. Exhaust gas are hot, obviously, and when they loose heat, they slow down. By wrapping an exhaust you can help maintain the exhaust gases temperature and improve the flow.


Wrapping the exhaust manifold is a great place to start. You could, were you feeling flush, get your manifold ceramic coated which gives the same effect.


In theory, you could wrap your whole exhaust!

The 4.655 ratio differential has now become the standard for MK1 cars competing in hill climbs in the UK. Some championships don't allow this modification!

Many of the competitors at our home hill, Gurston Down and Loton Park, are DoctorMX5 customers, including the current up to 2000cc hill record holder has one of our 4.7 diffs.

A Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) should be considered by all MX5 drivers in competition. It isn't a requirement in most championships or standard road going classes but we would recommend fitment.

Roll Bars are a safety device we would always recommend to our customers. We don't just want to Keep You 5 Alive but you too! Click on the image for more details.

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