Automatic to Manual Conversions

The Eunos Roadster was available in both a 1.6 and 1.8 engined automatic.


These cars seem to be in good condition and don't seem to demand the same sort of prices in the market as manual cars do. This makes them quite an attractive option.


Both automatics are fun to drive but they aren't the same as a manual. We'd say they were a lazy drive. Put the car into drive and just go!


If you want to get involved you'll need be prepared to properly work the auto 'box. Making it go like a manual is just so much more work.


But the big bonus is the engines. They don't rev as well but have more torque. That's a real bonus with a manual.

So we started to offer Auto to Manual Conversions.


It's quite an involved job. There are things that need changing, the gearbox, the power plant frame, to name just two. Then you have to sort the electrics, reversing lights and the neutral switch. The interior needs some changes, three gaitors and a gaitor frame.


And this isn't by any means the half of the work.

What will you get?


In our opinion, a much more drivable road car. And that's high praise indeed! And it's all down to torque.

How much does it cost?


We can do a the conversion for less than you think!


Labour to carry out this conversation is £1200 + parts + vat


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