Mazda MX5 has some competition

Mazda made a great car when they first produced the MX5 (Eunos Roadster) in 1989.


Other car manufacturers has been trying to get into the MX5's market space for years now. BMW with the Z3 and Z4, Honda with the S2000, MG Rover with the MGF but none of these did quite as well as the MX5. You could argue that the Lotus Elise should be included in that list but it's a little hard core for many.


The MK4 has brought Mazda back into the proper sports car market again.


But there are plenty of other manufacturers who are looking to steal some of Mazda's glory.

The obvious car that should be included in this is the Fiat 124 Spyder. Afterall, it's got the same underpinnings as the MK4. These days manufacturers are choosing joint developments for simple financial reasons. To develop a new car these days costs in excess of £1 billion...  So you can't blame Mazda (or Fiat) for doing so.


We know that the UK Fiat dealers are looking forward to getting their hands on the new Spyder as the link with the MX5 gives the car an extra boost!

Honda want to join in now - they'd like to build a new Honda S2000. They've just finished the NSX (We want one!) and are looking to re-connect with the S2000 customers they had. At the moment they don't have a platform to build the front engined, rear wheel drive car. 


They do have a Kei class car in Japan called the S660... It's the same size as the Suzuki Cappuccino sold in the 1990s... Not sure the S660 would be a Honda S2000 replacement!


The Honda S2000 may be a long time in the making!

We shouldn't discount the BMW Z4. Although it's getting a bit long in the tooth these days and it's not cheap!

Nissan Z Cars range is also a possible compeitor for the MX5. Although they have only shown a concept at present...

Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ  is another possibility but it's not an open car. We've competed against one of these at Gurston and Shelsley Walsh with really good drivers at the wheel and beaten them. We not convinced it's such a great car, 197bhp beaten by 120bhp Mk2 MX5's... Need we say more!

Alpine A120 - It's in the list because it's very pretty... BUT it will cost £50,000 and that's in the same price bracket as the Alfa 4C...

Looking down the list of other cars current and future,, shows that the Mazda MX5 Mk4 only has one competitor at the moment - the Fiat Spyder... 


But MX5 owners are a loyal bunch and the MK4 is such a great car... The other manufacturers will have to step up to match it!

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