Chassis Rails

MK2 and Mk2.5 MX5s suffer from rust in the chassis rail at the front of the car. These rails hold the front of the car in place.


It is only fairly recently that MOT testers have been picking up the rusty chassis rails. We undestand that the Department of Transport has issued a notice about MX5s and chassis rail.


Here's an example of a "good" rusty chassis rail just cut out of a car. It doesn't look too bad from the outside....

The chalk lines on the rail are the mounting points for the front anti-roll bar.


Here's the inside, showing much more rust.

The hole in this chassis rail is only about 30mm long, so it certainlty isn't one of the worst we've done.


We've seen some cars where the hole is big enough to fit your hand in and almost twice as long.


This one is from the other side of the same car. Doesn't look too bad until you turn it over.

The other side shows this car was caught in-time.

This job is a time consuming job as the car needs the bumper and radiator, including where appropriate the air conditioning radiator, removed, then the rail cut out, a replacement made for the specific needs of the car, then clean and welding the panel in.


Our chassis rail panels include all the captive nuts required to remount the anti-roll car etc.

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