The Mk4's Sister - Fiat's 124 Spider

We all knew that the MK4 MX5 was a shared project with the Fiat Group and that a Fiat group car would appear.


Only a few weeks ago, Anthony had been talking to some of his journalist friends as they'd just been out to Italy for the European launch of another Fiat group car. The Fiat / Alfa PR people suggested that the Fiat version of the/ MX5 was delayed and they didn't know when it would be officially seen. It seems that was a bit of a bluff...


It's longer than the MX5 and some models are a tiny bit heavier. The styling makes it pretty clear it's not an MX5. Some might like it, others won't...


The US Launch of the 124 Spider was at the LA Auto Show and it seems the car will be available in late 2016. It looks like there will be a 1.4 turbo and a 2.0 normally aspirated car. Both engines will be a little more powerful than the Mazda engines. The turbo in standard form with have 57NM more torque than the 2.0 Mazda engine, so it'll be interesting how that shapes up.


BUT rumours are there will be a 200+ bhp version under the Abarth brand and it might have a hard top as an option too!


Fiat dealers will be very happy people today!


Come on Mazda, we need a proper hard-core MK4 - 200+ bhp!!!

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