Gurston Down MX5 Championship

Gurston Down Speed Hillclimb announced they plan to run a special class and championship for MX5s at the BARC run hill in Broad Chalke, near Salisbury.


Here's Paul Webster, Gurston Down's Competition Secretary compeating in his Mk2 MX5.

Paul runs an extermely powerful MK2 MX5! It doesn't qualify under the Championship Rules!

The Gurston Down MX5 Championship has a special class for the MX5 and Eunos Roadster that are near standard. It's been created so that drivers can come and compete on a more level playing field than the upto 2000cc Road Going Class.


The proposed regulations have been posted on Gurston Down's website - see our news pages for more details. They take a few minutes to read so you can see just how standard cars will be.


You'll be able to drive your MX5 to the events and use it use it everyday too!

We are able to help you prepare your car to these regulations.


We have three key products, on top of our usual servicing and repair options that will help you get more out of your MX5.

Cold Air Intake

Rules: "Engine and ECU - 6. Air Filter and inlet prior to throttle body are free."


Our Cold Air Intake qualifies under this rule. There are a fully product details on our the product page here.

4.7 Diff Ratio

Rules: "Drivetrain - 5. The Final Drive modification from the Kia Sportage is allowed."


We have built a number of 4.7 (4.655:1) ratio differentials for hillclimbers and other motorsports competitors. We can supply these fully fitted or rebuild your own differential. They are always build to order - for more information click here.

Roll Cage

Safety is an important consideration in motorsport of any kind, hillclimbing is no exception.


Although the rules don't require a roll cage of any kind we would recommend one to any owner involved in hillclimbing.


We have a prefered supplier and sell the roll bar and side protection bars and can fit them as required.


If you are considering a half or full cage, you should also consider a good set of harnesses. These will keep you more firmly in the seat and give you a great "feel" about what the car is doing when on a competative run.

Here at DoctorMX5, we'd like you to enjoy your motorsport just as we do!

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