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There is no requirement in the MSA Blue Book for a Road Going Production Car to have any roll-over protection. Section S - Springs, Hillclimbs and Drag Races Section 10.1.2 "Road-Going Series Production and Road-Going Specialist Production, K.1.6.1 or K.1.6.2 recommended." K.1.6.1 looks like the picture below.

These roll bars are manufactured from MSA specified CDS tube and welded by fully qualified welder fabricators. They are finished by being zinc primed and satin black powder coat finish.
Features Include:
  • Manufactured from high quality cold drawn seamless tube.
  • The single diagonal brace increases driver protection.
  • Designed to work with soft tops and compatible with glass and plastic rear windows.
  • Suitable for use with hard tops
  • Most also comes with built in harness bar which allows full seat movement.

NOTE: The Gurston Down MX5 Championship does not have a requirement for a roll bar or cage.


Here's an example of a well designed Roll Bar.

Typically Roll Bars have problems with the type of window your MX5 has. Mk1 cars have a zip-out plastic window and Mk2 cars have a glass window.


As a consequence, the roll bar needs to be different. Here's one with a plastic zip-out window.

Here's one with a glass window. As you can see the diagonal bar allows the glass window to fit flat on the rear deck.

Prices range from £250.00 to £350.00 plus VAT AND fitting.


You can privide your own roll bar, please contact us for a fitting quote.

Door Bars

Door Bars are designed to provide additional saftey in a side impact. In tin top cars that's all they really do. But in open cars, they add additional strength to the weakest point in the car. An MX5 flexes in the middle. The door bar creates an additional box section, higher than the floor of the car, thus strengthening the centre, reducing body flex.

Door Bars: £150.00 plus fitting

Chassis Rail can also be used to help mitigate this flex but from a structural piont of view, they provide very little benefit.

Strut and Chassis Braces

Strut and Chassis Braces can improve the way a car feels. The reduce flex in the body sheel by bracing parts that flex.


A front strut brace should be considered essential.

Front Strut Brace: £100.00 plus fitting

Under Body Braces

We also have a range of under-body braces. The one makes the rear much stiffer. It stops movement on the differential mounts and bolts the drive train frame (powerplant frame) directly to the rear subframe.

Prices: Vary according to type of brace

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