Rust Prevention Mk3

We are increasing seeing similar rust issues in MK3 cars.


They are starting to suffer from the same issues as previous generation cars as you can see from the picture above. This particular car is a 2006 Six Speed Sport, not a high mileage car.


The rust didn't show on the outer sill because of the plastic sill cover and the outer sills seemed to have survived well.

In order to avoid these repair bills or at least delay them for an extended period, we offer an underseal service.


The service takes your car, removed all of the plastics on the underside and treats the areas that are most vulnerable and expensive to repair. In simple terms the body of the car not those parts than can be removed and changed easily.

After we have cleaned the road grim off the car, we check all of the original Mazda underseal for crackes, remove these sections until we reach underseal that is still solidily attached to the car, taking this back to bare metal where ever possible. Then we treat the area withan etch primer to help the underseal to stick properly to the metal.

After completing this process, we clean the underside of the car again and start to apply the underseal product. We use a wax type product.

Here are some pictures after we have finished the work.

We don't treat inside the sills. If you do use a cavity filler, you stop the drains working and just allow the condensation build up and rust the car from inside. The drains and designed to remove this condensation. All when it comes to the time there is a need to repair the internals of the sills, this product would need to be removed as it is a fire risk when welding!

Once this has been completed, the plastics would be replaced on the car.


Typically, this work takes between five and seven hours to complete and requires the underside to dry. We can dry a vehicle if it arrives damp or wet.

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